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Local Restaurants & Places to Eat around Barnet

N20 Building

1105-1111 High Rd, London N20 0PT, UK

When to vaquero, please see vaquero review.

Ahora se llama "El Vaquero" y es un restaurante similar al estilo brasileño que te van trayendo carne y te sirven si quieres... buenisimo todo y bien de precio...

Asoos Restaurant

828 High Rd, North Finchley, London N12 9RA, UK – 020 8445 4457

Really good Punjabi/North Indian cuisine place in North Finchley area. Very reasonable prices and nice big screens if you fancy a game .

Its a great restaurant, i travelled miles just to come there. Thats how good it is. The place looks like a standard indian restaurant and has a large space which could fill around 50-60 guests. The restaurant is run by an old indian man who is accompanied by many waiters who are extremly kind and helpful. The restaurant has a large projector which plays live football games like a pub and a couple televisions. The restaurant also serves as a pub as it also has a bar. I went with my family, which is quite large, and were seated in a space for 6 but sadly there were seven of us which made us squashed and quite uncomfotable but it was alright. This was becasue all the booths were booked. But on the good side, we sat near the tv and kitchen. The food The food was exeeding my expectations and had a large range of foods. You may think how they do all this food fresh and the answer is their kitchen. The kitchen is extremely large and has many chefs which meant they could serve every dish fresh and quickly. My family ordered many traditional things like the bhajia or meat dishes like lamb chops. Everything was presented well and tasted extraordinary. I have been to many indian restaurants and have reviewed many, look at my profile, and this was very different to my neighbourhoods restaurants. The food all had different sauces which is quite significant becasue that meant everything tasted different. I am always worried when a restaurant's food is all the same colour becasue it is all the same old thing. This time that wasnt the case as the gobi had a red, saucy, masala whilst the paneer had a soft, spongey texture with a sauce that tasted extremely different. The meat was juicy, fresh and looked delicious. The mix platter was very filling and was full of tikkas, lamb chops and kebabs. They also, had different tastes due to the different marination they used. It was quite expensive food as the lamb chops were £8.50 for 4 lamb chops but it was worth it as it came with many onions and a slice of lemon. The drinks were very cheap as pint (2.3 uk pints) was 2.80 which was very good. Everything tasted brilliant and better than any restaurants in my area. The quantities were also very high as the lamb chops were very thick and the mix platter was more than enough to feed 3 hungry people. The vegetarian food also came in high qauntities as the gobi was enough for atleast 3 people. The food was not very spicy which wasnt very good as indian food is always meant to be spicy but it made up for it by the other tastes. Food was 4/5 due to the lack of spice Hygeine The restaurant was very clean. The tables were clean and sparkling along with the chairs which were also clean. The toilets were quite clean but had a bit of rust on the walls but the floor was very clean. But i must warn you to not lock the toilet door as i got stuck in there and couldnt get out. The glasses, plates and cutlery were also clean so there was not much of a hazard. Hygeine was 3/5 due to the toilets Staff As i said in the introduction, the staff were very helpful and respectful. We had a young lady who was brilliant as she came to check on us regularly. But some of the other staff were quite oblivious as i tried calling for them but they were focusing on other matters and not listening. The lady we were waited by, had quite a short term memory as she kept forgetting things but it wasnt a major issue. She was trying her best and that was all that mattered. The owner stood in the bar and i didnt see him much but he was still a very nice and social person. At the doorway there was a security guard who kept everyone safe and well, he was also very kind. Staff were 4/5 as the waiter we had had a short memory Location The location was good as there werent many other indian restaurants about and it wasnt in a quiet area. 5/5 Conclusion To conclude, there isnt anything to really improve on as it was all mostly good for the price, hygeine, quality, quantity, staff and atmosphere. Therefore the average of all the scores is four.

Capovolti Italian Restaurant

110-112 Chase Side, London N14 5PH, UK – 020 8886 4191

Wow so impressed.. Everything about this restaurant is really classy and neat. The menu is simple which is great, suitable for any diet. A little bit pricey but you are paying for a high quality Italian with excellent presentation. Would highly recommend this place

Very friendly staff. Nice romantic italian music good quality food. .....